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Wow. Now this is an old blog. I guess they really never do delete anything on the interwebs, do they?

Hey, all those other blogs referenced in previous posts actually don’t exist any more. But this one, one of the first, still does. Neat. Maybe I should use it…


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Well look what I found. An old blog of mine that’s still around. Weird. I wonder if I should post here.

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You Forgot Ron Paul

This is a funny song — with a catchy tune! Yes, it’s the same guy that introduced the candidates at the YouTube debate. The author on the YouTube page adds: “You Ron Paul fans asked for more lines about Ron Paul, so here it is. Be careful what you ask for next time.”

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Who Owns Water?

North Carolina is experiencing a drought, like much of the southeast. What this means is that people are simply using more water than normal and less rain has fallen than the average. And this has caused government to absolutely panic, ranging from pleas to throwing aside all laws and fining people without evidence, proof, or due process. But now government wants to go even further, including regulating the water on your land. And this isn’t just water flowing across your land, like people living on a river, but water that flows under your land that you might tap with a well.

Apparently a number of people, in order to keep their lawns green, have decided to drill wells to take some water from the ground and put it, well, back on the ground. And the government doesn’t like this, mainly because it takes some control and power out of the government’s hands. Therefore, the government in Pinehurst and Union County are seeking to stop people from drilling wells on their own land and taking water from the ground and putting it in the ground — because it’s for the children. I mean, for public safety.

Now I’m not geologist, but I’m not really sure how it’s bad to take water from the ground and put it back into the ground. Sure, it might reduce the overall water table a tiny bit, but I can’t see it having a huge overall effect. But even so, who owns the water on and under your own land? Can the government claim the rights to all water under land that you own? If they can, what’s the difference from claiming any element, mineral, or natural resource that sits on land you “own?” I’d love to hear opinion from anyone on either side of this issue support or oppose government regulation of water underneath privately owned land.

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Llama Shopping

Well, it’s the day after black Friday — and some people still need to do some shopping — even llamas!

Llama on Bloor St., Toronto, originally uploaded by Admit One.

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