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I hate the term “hate crimes.” Does that make me a criminal? Am I automatically guilty? Honestly, I cannot see any difference at all between the terms “hate crimes” and “thought crimes.” And that scares me. In a “traditional” crime, someone is injured. Let’s say person A punches person B in the face and breaks his nose. Presuming there’s not other circumstances involved, then person A should be punished for battery — whatever the punishment is for battery in that locality. I see no reason that the punishment should be more or less severe if person A or person B had different color skin. Why should that be an issue at all?

But in today’s politically correct world, where many black hucksters live to punish whites for, well, being white-skinned, it IS the case. People are being punished today, not even for actually hating, but for the perception of hating. In other words, if person B so much as even thinks that person B didn’t like him because of his race, skin color, religion, etc., then person A gets punished even more! That’s completely and totally wrong.

And it gets worse. How about this case where a parent apparently clearly put words into the mouth of a NINE YEAR OLD. Then the 9-year old was suspended from the penal institution known as “public school” for agreeing with the parent and saying the dreaded words, “brown people.” Keep in mind, the kid didn’t just out and say, “I don’t like brown people” — he was goaded into agreeing with a parent. Hey, thought police, it’s a free damn country — if I want to say, “I don’t like brown people,” that should NOT be a crime in anyone’s imagination. If you think it should be, as the government did in this case, you seriously do not comprehend the concept of freedom and should not be allowed to be part of the government.

And no, it’s not just in America. In Brazil, it is highly likely that gays will win a lawsuit against someone who said, “I am opposed to the homosexual behavior.” Hey, that just cannot be allowed. Don’t worry, there’s lots and lots of people in America that would agree with that — and like the people who would jail me for saying “I hate brown people,” they’d also like to jail me and others for daring to publicly disapprove of homosexuality.

These actions, and these movements are horribly anti-freedom. These are government officials and activists groups that want to use any and all power they have to shut up speech and actively punish anyone who would disagree with their ideologies. And these people are seriously dangerous to America and all it used to stand for. Speak up, when you see and hear these people. Let them know that they are the evil enemy, not those who want freedom.


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So hey, did you know that if you claim that you’re gay that Alaska Airlines will give you a discount? Or you can look at this in the opposite direction and note that if you’re not gay, you have to pay more to fly on this airline. Is that okay with you? I mean, could you do it for other things?

Think I could sell things at my store and ask people at the register, “Hey, if you say you’re queer, I’ll give you 10% off.” Maybe I could say, “Hey, if you say you hate women, I’ll give you a 7% discount on all your purchases today.” What if I said, “You there, tell me Mohammed is gay and I’ll give you 10% off right now.” Is there anything wrong with any of that?

Now personally, I don’t think any of those actions are illegal. In other words, government should not care, nor be involved in any of those transactions at all. But want to bet they would? How long do you think I’d last as a store if I were doing that in a big city? I bet government officials would be in to visit me in no time. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to charge me with a hate crime or sue me.

But apparently when Alaska Airlines decides to base their prices on perceived actions of people who like to have sex with members of their own sex, that’s perfectly okay — but only because they’re giving a discount to gays. Imagine what would happen if they were charging gays more. Just be aware of this policy if you happen to be flying Alaska Airlines and are bringing your children with you.

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Words Are Dangerous

And should be banned. At least that’s what publishers in England think. The publishers have actually told a children’s book author that writing about a fire-breathing dragon is dangerous. The publishers are afraid of the government — and that they might get in trouble with “health and safety regulations.”

Well, that’s England for you — no hope, no freedom. You do what the government says or else. They’re not even allowed to draw a picture of a boy on a ladder because that’s now, apparently, against the law. I wonder if people in England are allowed to read anything at all without asking government’s permission. You should be terrified of any government that has that much power over people.

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