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So who is Martin Lancaster? He’s the about-to-retire president of the North Carolina state community college system (a highly paid bureaucrat government employee). And he openly supports lawbreaking and directs his employees to ignore the laws that he doesn’t happen to like. Did I mention he’s a government employee?

At issue is the recent change by the North Carolina bureaucracy that has decided that they want to give taxpayer cash to active criminals — illegal aliens. Fred Smith, Republican candidate for governor, has asked the state attorney general to investigate whether the community college system is breaking the law. I’m not really sure why they need an investigation — Mr. Lancaster openly admits he’s breaking the law and he doesn’t care.

I’d like to see a few more INS agents hanging around the community colleges at registration time. It’s completely and totally wrong to give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, period. Their “contribution” to society does not matter at all. They’re openly breaking the law and getting rewarded for it with cash that American citizens earn. That’s plain wrong. And Mr. Lancaster should be arrested for aiding and abetting criminal activity — but since he’s part of the government and the education system, he’s quite literally above the law.


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Well, that’s not exactly the headline to this article, but it should be. Or maybe a better title would be “More North Carolina Teachers Accept Bribes.” How about “North Carolina Leads the Nation in Bribed Teachers?” Well, they’re all more accurate and truthful than the actual headline about “Teacher Certification.”

The certification they list is nothing more than government bribing government employees to get other government agencies to give them a piece of paper so the education system can put out news releases (and so the education system has more cash). Seriously. The teachers get massive piles of pay (what would you do for a 12% raise for 10 years, no matter your performance?) and benefits for getting this “national certification.” I’m not saying it’s difficult, just that the only purpose is to, once again, expand the government education system.

Keep in mind — the government-run public education system is NOT about education or children. It has nothing to do with children. It is about getting, using, and spending government cash and absolutely nothing else.

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Oh, and that’s $11,000 from EACH family, EACH year to pay for government bureaucrats to do, quite literally, nothing.

tax dollars pay 100 percent of premium costs for current state employees and retirees to enroll in the state health plan. This group includes employees of state agencies and universities, local public schools and local community colleges.

people could work for the state for five years, then work in private industry the rest of their career and still enroll in the state health plan fully financed with taxpayer dollars upon retiring.

Gee, how much do you think that’s going to cost? It doesn’t matter, of course, to the Democrats who run the state of North Carolina, because they just demand more money to pay for whatever they like. They honestly LOVE government and government bureaucrats. But go ahead and read the whole article to see how much it’s going to cost to continue this insane policy — even if the Democrats don’t care.

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Les Merritt is the North Carolina State Auditor. He has announced his plans to track state government grants to local governments. This could be interesting because over $13 billion flows from the state to local governments — and many “non-profits” are funded by local governments. Do you suppose a large portion of funding is flowing to the “non-profits” — many of which have state government politicians on their “board of directors” or employed as “consultants?” This should be a very interesting program to watch and monitor. Now if we could just get all the “non-profits” to reveal their employee lists for all to see, we might get a whole new picture of the real use of “non-profits” in North Carolina.

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I happened across this article in the Fayetteville Observer written by Max Borders. Hey, is that a real name? For some reason that reminds me of Homer Simpson the time he became “Max Powers.” Anyway, Mr. Borders really gets it. He writes about the high cost of insurance in North Carolina — and has a very quick, simple, easy way to reduce costs of insurance in North Carolina. And it will cost zero taxpayer dollars.

How? As Mr. Borders mentions — buy just giving the people permission (yes, I know, sounds crazy) to buy insurance from elsewhere. And yes, right now, North Carolina citizens are barred by law from purchasing insurance from anyone other than Democrat government-approved insurance agents. Why? “For your own good.” You see, you’re too dumb to be able to buy health insurance on your own, so the Democrats in the North Carolina legislature will tell you what you can buy. Why does that make it expensive? Two reasons:

1. Competition. Since only government-approved insurance companies can do business in North Carolina, the government can ensure there are only a limited number of choices for you, the consumer. This is what Democrats do today (they’re actually really communists, completely controlling the means of production in this industry). And the insurance companies love them for it because the insurance companies don’t have to compete! The insurance companies bribe make campaign donations to Democrat legislators, who ensure no other companies can enter the North Carolina market. Nice and cozy.

2. Mandates. As Mr. Borders points out, the state of North Carolina says that if you want to buy health insurance for one thing, you must buy it for 46 things. Seriously. In order to sell insurance in this state, you have to sell the whole package of 46 things, even if the buyer doesn’t want them! For example, I want what’s called “catastrophic coverage.” This is insurance that only covers serious injuries and things like long-term hospital stays. It doesn’t cover doctor visits, or anything else. But I am prohibited by law from buying this type of insurance. Instead, the state forces me to purchase things like “alcohol outpatient rehabilitation coverage” — even though I do NOT want it.

That’s wrong, plain and simple. But the Democrats that have run this state for over 100 years don’t care about freedom, they care about power, control, and money. As long as the insurance companies keep paying the Democrats, they’ll artificially keep the price of insurance high. Remember that next time your company tells you that the costs of insurance have gone up. It’s not the insurance companies alone doing it — they can only do it with the help of Democrats and others who hate freedom in government.

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Be careful when you ask government to do math. Keep in mind, just about anything government does, they WILL screw it up. Experts claim (that should be a signal that you’re dealing with bureaucrats who have no goal other than to get more control and spend more money):

Several transportation advocates pointed to four factors stressing the transportation system and its funding:

* huge population growth

* tremendous inflation costs that add hundreds of millions of dollars to delayed construction projects

* stagnant revenue

* more people traveling more miles

So there’s a huge population growth — who all have cars. And there’s a giant “impact fee” on every car brought into the state. And most of the new residents will be working, right? If so, they’ll be paying taxes. And more people paying more taxes = stagnant revenue. At least according to “government experts.”

Oh, and there will be “more people traveling more miles.” And there is a state tax that has to be paid on ALL gasoline purchased in the state. So unless these people are running their cars on vegetable oil (for which the state will arrest you) or air, they’re paying MORE in taxes. And yet using the “government expert” math, this means LESS money, somehow. No, I don’t think government bureaucrats could add one and one to get two. Thank you, government public school system.

Joines suggested ending annual transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s Highway Trust Fund to the General Fund. The 2007-2008 budget transferred $172 million.

Obviously Mr. Joines doesn’t know how the Democrats in the legislature work. They have transferred over three BILLION dollars over the past 20 years from the gas taxes to their pockets the general fund. They are addicted to that money and will not give it up. Besides, as long as they can claim that they “need” more money for roads, they can justify (at least to themselves) raising taxes even more.

But don’t worry — they’re working on state toll roads — because Democrats in the North Carolina legislature are so bad at managing your money, they just need more of it! And hey, if that’s STILL not enough money, they’ll just take more via county taxes. That way they can claim they didn’t raise taxes, too.

I wish there were some sense of fiscal responsibility in Raleigh. But when one party runs the state government for over 100 years, they literally do whatever they want, no matter what.

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Yes, brought to you by the Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly. They are actually spending taxpayer money (a LOT of money) to study whether they should build a port in the mountains of Western North Carolina. For those who aren’t aware of the geography of western North Carolina, let’s start at the west side of the state. Here is the French Broad River Drainage Basin:
French Broad River Basin
See all those exits to the Atlantic Ocean? Oh, and this river flows into the TVA Dam, so that might block a little river traffic…

How about a little further east? Here is the New River Drainage Basin:
New River Drainage Basin
Note all the different ways one can navigate a ship to the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, there are none. But hey, maybe a port could move things from one spot on the river to another…since it’s such a big river and all…

Maybe that’s not the one they’re talking about. How about we move a little more east. The next one over is the Santee Drainage Basin. And at this point, it’s not so much “Western” Carolina, as it is considered the piedmont area:
Santee Drainage Basin
Well, at least this one goes to the Atlantic — but did you notice how it got there? Yes, that’s lovely South Carolina down there. Do you think for a minute that South Carolina is going to allow unfettered access to a “port” on those rivers? And again, there’s more than a few damns there that might make navigation a little difficult. So why are these people spending over $350,000 of taxpayer cash to study building a “port” in the North Carolina mountains?

An area in northern Virginia surrounding an inland port in Front Royal, the first of its kind, has added more than 7,000 jobs since its creation in the 1980s, said Hercik, a commission adviser.

Well, there you have it: the primary purpose of government in America today: create jobs. No, the jobs don’t have to have any meaning, they’re just there to create jobs. You see, if the Democrats can create 7,000 jobs in a backwoods area of North Carolina, they’ll get more votes and more power. And it won’t matter to anyone that they’re building a port on a river that no ships can get to. Welcome to American government bureaucracy today.

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