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Mall Shooter: Why?

So that’s the big question on everyone’s mind. After the news headlines flashed about the number dead, all the top headlines are all asking, “Why?” There’s discussion about all sorts of reasons. I humbly submit that the answer is really very, very simple. First, a word about the weapon of choice.

“Assault” Weapons

This really is beating a dead horse, but the media continues to mis-use words, so I feel the need to point out their bias. If you blame the weapon, you’re either ignorant or intentionally misleading. The left and the media here continue to show their bias, no, their hatred for guns. They honestly desire for no individual to ever own a firearm. They hate them. I think that it’s for one of two reasons — either they believe in a fantasy world where if private citizens didn’t own firearms that no one would ever die; or they believe that only government should have absolute power over people. Either way, it’s intentional.

There’s no such thing as an “assault” weapon. It’s not possible. The word “assault” is a verb. If the gun used in this attack were actually an “assault” weapon, then the guy who was involved in the shooting is a hero — because he must have been trying to STOP this evil weapon from assaulting more people. And to illustrate the bias, if the press were consistent, then anything that causes death would be referred to as an “assault” weapon. But how often do you read about “assault knives?” The media should be reporting about the “assault” wave that killed that surfer. There should be reports about the “assault” concrete that fell on those folks. But no, “assault” is reserved for things that the media hates — guns.

So don’t blame the gun, that’s stupid. Don’t blame “access” to guns — it’s harder now than ever in history to get a gun. Don’t blame the number of guns — there’s FEWER guns in public than ever before. I think it’s much more simple than that, and it has nothing to do with guns at all.

Today’s Society

So where are we today? What is it like growing up in America today? First, the government is involved in absolutely everything. And I mean that literally. There is absolutely nothing you can do today without asking government permission or paying government. Go ahead and try and think of something — I bet you can’t. So government is involved in literally every facet of life. Therefore, as children grow up today, most are heavily influenced by that very government. It was not always this way. Just 40 or 50 years ago, this was not the case.

So what does government and the public education system do today? Well, their main focus is “Accepting.” Everyone is taught and told to accept everything else. In fact, if you think that 2+2 = 5, you’re not wrong. You’re just thinking differently. You’re not ridiculed. You’re not even to be told that you’re wrong — that might damage your self-esteem. And you might be offended. In fact, you’re supposed to be offended. You’re supposed to be offended any time you disagree with anything (unless you’re a white, Christian, male, of course). But at the same time, you’re taught to have “tolerance” for any and all ideas that are not traditional or Christian.

That’s quite different than things used to be. You see, 50 or 60 years ago, government was not in everything. People were allowed to have points of view and were not sued or arrested for having those points of view. And, as a matter of fact, the vast majority of Americans were in agreement about basic ideas — and those were Christian ideas, whether you like it or not. Children were taught those ideas by their parents and other adults — and government was not used as a hammer to force them NOT to believe those ideas. I’m not saying that government was used to promote religion, just that government wasn’t used in opposition to religion as it is today.

Guns were more common and no one really cared if you were “offended.” But at the same time, Christian values were not “offensive” to government and the public. They were accepted as good. People actually believed that there was a power higher than government. Today that is not the case. Today, in America, government is the highest power that exists. Don’t believe me? Talk to any government employee (and there’s lots to choose from, unfortunately).

How many times do you hear, “I’m just doing my job?” In ancient days (50 years ago), there was right and wrong. People understood and accepted that there was an absolute truth — and it had nothing to do with government. But today, with a pervasive government, that’s no longer the case. Ask any government employee, and they will tell you why they do things: “Because it’s my job.” If you ask further, you might even hear, “I could get fired if I don’t do that.” There is no judgment. There is no consideration whether they should be doing anything — they’re told to do it, so they do it. They obey government, the highest power on the planet. They do only what government tells them to, no matter what.

So, why?

So how does that relate to this shooting? I submit that perhaps the reason this person shot those people is very simple. Perhaps he had never been told not to. Seriously. In today’s society, with government as the highest power, people are conditioned to do what they’re told. They’re taught to not do anything else. They’re taught not to think and judge, but to obey. And in the education system, children are taught to be accepting of anything — especially anything that’s “different” or “non-traditional.” And if you tell someone they’re wrong, that’s bad.

So I would seriously suggest that in today’s society, children are not taught that there’s right and wrong. No one told this kid that it would be wrong to kill other people. He did it because he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He believed that he wouldn’t have to answer to anyone for his actions — he never had to before in his life. Or if he believed that it was wrong, all that would happen if he got caught is that he might go to jail for a little while. That’s it. Of course, in reality, he’s burning in hell right now. But you can’t tell people that, because they might be offended.


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Want to know why so few players in the NFL actually get any real respect from people? It’s not because they’re making so much money. It’s not jealousy that they can play a game well. It’s not that they’re physically bigger than most and athletic. It’s because the majority of them are immature, spoiled children — like Samari Rolle.

Samari Rolle is filing an “official complaint” against a referee that is alleged to have called him a “boy.” Now I realize that when you’re 14 or 15, being called a “boy” is a pretty serious insult. When you’re 14 or 15. Samari Rolle is 31 years old. Yes, thirty-one. And he is making an “official complaint” (maybe with a lawsuit later on) about being called a “boy.” Oh, and what’s not mentioned so much is that before the referee said anything, Samari Rolle told the referee, a 53-year old, “You’ve never played football before.” Oh, and the referee? He played in the NFL for 7 years.

In other words, Rolle is saying, “I’m allowed to insult the officials of the game with childish taunts, but if they respond to my infantile name-calling, I’m going to tell my mommy.”

Hey Samari, why don’t you grow up — you’re giving all NFL players a bad reputation.

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Once again, government rises up to “fix” a problem they created and in the process directly take massive amounts of freedom from people. The Bush Administration has said that they, personally, do not like a number of financial agreements that are legal, binding, and voluntarily made by people. So they’re simply deciding by government fiat that you’re simply not permitted to have such agreements, and those people who have made agreements in the past, well, the Bush Administration will decide which ones are best for you and which are suddenly no longer allowed.

Now I’m sure many of you bleeding hearts (Liberal and Republican) are thinking that it’s “good” that Bush is crushing freedom by freezing interest rates. I’m sure many think it’s “good for the country” and the economy. Know what? It absolutely stinks for freedom.

How would you feel if I agreed to pay you $500 a month to rent your car from you for the next 10 years. We both agreed, thought the terms were good, and you might even have spent some of the money I’d given you. You might even have bought a car yourself, depending on my giving you your monthly payment. Then, just imagine the government shows up and tells you, “Gee, we don’t like this agreement. We think Ogre should only give you $175 a month because that would be good.” And you’re just out of luck.

It’s wrong, plain and simple. But hey, government’s doing it, so the odds of it being right are pretty low to begin with. This is what you get when you have government managing money with the private Federal Reserve System where the money isn’t backed by anything at all. Problems like this don’t happen when you back your money with something of value — like gold.

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Ireland’s Beer

Archaeologists have discovered over 5,000 mysterious mounds throughout Ireland, dating from 1500 to 500 B.C. For years people have been trying to figure out what they were used for. One guy thinks he’s figure it out (and even tested his theory): they were for making ale! Imagine that! 5,000 individual breweries across Ireland. And people wonder why so many drink on Saint Patrick’s Day. Now I wonder if they’ll completely publish their “research” including diagrams and an instruction manual for replicating the “experiment” (even if such a thing would probably be illegal in most US States).

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Merry Tossmas!

Have a Merry Tossmas! That’s hilarious!

Hat tip to Kat.

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Duke Power Wants Cash

And so they’re asking government to raise rates so they can have more money. And knowing government, they will probably allow it. Oh sure, Duke Power is claiming they want the money to “research alternative energy sources.” Apparently no one is doing that now. And apparently no one will do it without being forced to by government, either. I wonder how electricity was discovered. I guess it was a government program because apparently, according to Duke Power, no one will do anything unless government tells them to.

Hey Mr. Rogers (CEO of Duke Power), how about we let people have some freedom instead? How about you take some of your millions of dollars that you are already earning and use that to do some research? How about you allow someone else with money to do research and COMPETE with you? Oh, you wouldn’t like that, would you, because that might take some government cash out of your pocket, wouldn’t it?

Freedom works, every single time it’s tried. A move like this is nothing more than more communism, literally — it’s the state regulating not only the means of production, but also all research into new means of production so they can regulate that, too. It’s wrong and clearly anti-freedom — gee, just like everything else government does today.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom!

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I hate the term “hate crimes.” Does that make me a criminal? Am I automatically guilty? Honestly, I cannot see any difference at all between the terms “hate crimes” and “thought crimes.” And that scares me. In a “traditional” crime, someone is injured. Let’s say person A punches person B in the face and breaks his nose. Presuming there’s not other circumstances involved, then person A should be punished for battery — whatever the punishment is for battery in that locality. I see no reason that the punishment should be more or less severe if person A or person B had different color skin. Why should that be an issue at all?

But in today’s politically correct world, where many black hucksters live to punish whites for, well, being white-skinned, it IS the case. People are being punished today, not even for actually hating, but for the perception of hating. In other words, if person B so much as even thinks that person B didn’t like him because of his race, skin color, religion, etc., then person A gets punished even more! That’s completely and totally wrong.

And it gets worse. How about this case where a parent apparently clearly put words into the mouth of a NINE YEAR OLD. Then the 9-year old was suspended from the penal institution known as “public school” for agreeing with the parent and saying the dreaded words, “brown people.” Keep in mind, the kid didn’t just out and say, “I don’t like brown people” — he was goaded into agreeing with a parent. Hey, thought police, it’s a free damn country — if I want to say, “I don’t like brown people,” that should NOT be a crime in anyone’s imagination. If you think it should be, as the government did in this case, you seriously do not comprehend the concept of freedom and should not be allowed to be part of the government.

And no, it’s not just in America. In Brazil, it is highly likely that gays will win a lawsuit against someone who said, “I am opposed to the homosexual behavior.” Hey, that just cannot be allowed. Don’t worry, there’s lots and lots of people in America that would agree with that — and like the people who would jail me for saying “I hate brown people,” they’d also like to jail me and others for daring to publicly disapprove of homosexuality.

These actions, and these movements are horribly anti-freedom. These are government officials and activists groups that want to use any and all power they have to shut up speech and actively punish anyone who would disagree with their ideologies. And these people are seriously dangerous to America and all it used to stand for. Speak up, when you see and hear these people. Let them know that they are the evil enemy, not those who want freedom.

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