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Hot Blog Sauce

Hey, still looking for that Christmas gift for that someone who has everything (that or someone who you want to get something neat for)? I suggest Hot Blog Sauce. Yes, it’s real. And it’s darn good.

Now this likely won’t be the hottest hot sauce you’ve ever had. If you’re looking for one that burns your insides good, they do have other stuff. But this one is hot and has taste. It’s an ugly green color and moderately thick (not water-like). It’s definitely hot, but it’s also got a bit of lime and something else flavor. I love it and can’t get enough of it. Oh, and all proceeds from the profits of this item go to the American Cancer Society, too!

If you like hot sauce and blogging, this one is for you! (Disclaimer: Ogre gets no profit or payment of any kind from these people, he just likes their hot sauce)


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Because of this, I think I need to ask for a raise today.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

For those who are wandering around, surfing the internet while cooking — or those who are surfing while waiting for others to cook…

Happy Thanksgiving

And thanks for stopping by there on this wonderful, happy day. I am thankful for your stopping by!

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Saving Water

Despite the recent rains in North Carolina, according to the media, we’re in the most severe drought since, well, in the history of the world. So I’m going to try and save some water:


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