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I’m sure by now you realize that there’s almost no difference between Hillary and Rudy. In fact, in one debate, Rudy was asked the direct question: what’s the difference between you and Hillary? Rudy did not give one single example (instead saying, “Oh, there’s lots of differences). Now it appears that John Edwards and Mitt Romney are alike in at least one area: they both want to force you to buy health insurance, or they will jail you.

Edwards just announced his details, while Romney has supported that in Mass, who has recently started forcing people to buy insurance. Anyone who seriously believes that the power of government should be used to FORCE people to buy insurance, or will literally jail them for refusing to is a serious danger to freedom.


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I happened across this article in the Fayetteville Observer written by Max Borders. Hey, is that a real name? For some reason that reminds me of Homer Simpson the time he became “Max Powers.” Anyway, Mr. Borders really gets it. He writes about the high cost of insurance in North Carolina — and has a very quick, simple, easy way to reduce costs of insurance in North Carolina. And it will cost zero taxpayer dollars.

How? As Mr. Borders mentions — buy just giving the people permission (yes, I know, sounds crazy) to buy insurance from elsewhere. And yes, right now, North Carolina citizens are barred by law from purchasing insurance from anyone other than Democrat government-approved insurance agents. Why? “For your own good.” You see, you’re too dumb to be able to buy health insurance on your own, so the Democrats in the North Carolina legislature will tell you what you can buy. Why does that make it expensive? Two reasons:

1. Competition. Since only government-approved insurance companies can do business in North Carolina, the government can ensure there are only a limited number of choices for you, the consumer. This is what Democrats do today (they’re actually really communists, completely controlling the means of production in this industry). And the insurance companies love them for it because the insurance companies don’t have to compete! The insurance companies bribe make campaign donations to Democrat legislators, who ensure no other companies can enter the North Carolina market. Nice and cozy.

2. Mandates. As Mr. Borders points out, the state of North Carolina says that if you want to buy health insurance for one thing, you must buy it for 46 things. Seriously. In order to sell insurance in this state, you have to sell the whole package of 46 things, even if the buyer doesn’t want them! For example, I want what’s called “catastrophic coverage.” This is insurance that only covers serious injuries and things like long-term hospital stays. It doesn’t cover doctor visits, or anything else. But I am prohibited by law from buying this type of insurance. Instead, the state forces me to purchase things like “alcohol outpatient rehabilitation coverage” — even though I do NOT want it.

That’s wrong, plain and simple. But the Democrats that have run this state for over 100 years don’t care about freedom, they care about power, control, and money. As long as the insurance companies keep paying the Democrats, they’ll artificially keep the price of insurance high. Remember that next time your company tells you that the costs of insurance have gone up. It’s not the insurance companies alone doing it — they can only do it with the help of Democrats and others who hate freedom in government.

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