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Once again, government rises up to “fix” a problem they created and in the process directly take massive amounts of freedom from people. The Bush Administration has said that they, personally, do not like a number of financial agreements that are legal, binding, and voluntarily made by people. So they’re simply deciding by government fiat that you’re simply not permitted to have such agreements, and those people who have made agreements in the past, well, the Bush Administration will decide which ones are best for you and which are suddenly no longer allowed.

Now I’m sure many of you bleeding hearts (Liberal and Republican) are thinking that it’s “good” that Bush is crushing freedom by freezing interest rates. I’m sure many think it’s “good for the country” and the economy. Know what? It absolutely stinks for freedom.

How would you feel if I agreed to pay you $500 a month to rent your car from you for the next 10 years. We both agreed, thought the terms were good, and you might even have spent some of the money I’d given you. You might even have bought a car yourself, depending on my giving you your monthly payment. Then, just imagine the government shows up and tells you, “Gee, we don’t like this agreement. We think Ogre should only give you $175 a month because that would be good.” And you’re just out of luck.

It’s wrong, plain and simple. But hey, government’s doing it, so the odds of it being right are pretty low to begin with. This is what you get when you have government managing money with the private Federal Reserve System where the money isn’t backed by anything at all. Problems like this don’t happen when you back your money with something of value — like gold.


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It appears that the City of Philadelphia, site of lots of violence and unrest, is going forward with plans to remove one of the very few organizations that has been teaching children how to avoid violence and unrest for almost 80 years — because the city hates them. Apparently the city is actively working to increase violence there. Nice job, Philadelphia.

But as long as there’s openly gay members of the city council who actively despise and hate people who do not approve of them and their sexual acts, even with young boys under age 12, the Boy Scouts are apparently not welcome. So, if you’re considering living in, moving to, or even just visiting Philadelphia, realize that you are welcome if you actively participate in sex with young boys, but you are not welcome there if you think that’s wrong. And they wonder why there’s so much violence in Philadelphia. Maybe it’s because so many city council members are so full of hate.

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In case you’re keeping track (and you’re probably not), there’s a new danger which government “needs” to protect us from: salt. Yes, that little white stuff that you find, well, everywhere. According to Those Who Know Better Than You, it’s killing you and should be regulated, banned, and controlled by government — much like marijuana. And word is that the government is actually considering punishing, jailing, and killing people who sell too much salt — because it’s “dangerous.”

I am still amazed at people who support such things. Why do they honestly hate freedom so much? Why do they believe that only they are smart enough to tell everyone else what to do? Why do they think that they should use the power of government to punish, and if needed, kill people in other to enforce what they, personally, believe everyone else should do? How incredibly selfish and self-centered these people must be to believe that they should determine everything for everyone. People who support actions like this are honestly evil and anti-freedom, even if they don’t believe so themselves.

But hey, as long as we’re banning things that are “bad” for you, next on the list will be working at night. You see, that apparently now causes cancer. Therefore, if we should use government to punish people who sell and eat salt because it’s bad, then we obviously NEED to use government to shut down any business that stays open or allows people to work at night. Perhaps we can have government patrols that look for lights on at night and they can shoot and arrest anyone who dares to work at night — for their own good, of course.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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Duke Power Wants Cash

And so they’re asking government to raise rates so they can have more money. And knowing government, they will probably allow it. Oh sure, Duke Power is claiming they want the money to “research alternative energy sources.” Apparently no one is doing that now. And apparently no one will do it without being forced to by government, either. I wonder how electricity was discovered. I guess it was a government program because apparently, according to Duke Power, no one will do anything unless government tells them to.

Hey Mr. Rogers (CEO of Duke Power), how about we let people have some freedom instead? How about you take some of your millions of dollars that you are already earning and use that to do some research? How about you allow someone else with money to do research and COMPETE with you? Oh, you wouldn’t like that, would you, because that might take some government cash out of your pocket, wouldn’t it?

Freedom works, every single time it’s tried. A move like this is nothing more than more communism, literally — it’s the state regulating not only the means of production, but also all research into new means of production so they can regulate that, too. It’s wrong and clearly anti-freedom — gee, just like everything else government does today.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom!

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Government Support Of…

Quick question — how is it that a library that’s paid for with my taxpayer government cash is somehow not responsible and those pictures are NOT an endorsement by government — but an employee of the government, for example, a school teacher, who simply carries a Bible with them, or says, “Merry Christmas” IS a complete and total representative of all government everywhere and must be banned?

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Child Welfare Endangerment?

One of the great dangers of allowing government to do anything is that they will change, morph, and re-define anything they like to obtain more power and control. That’s what government desires — power and control. The more they can take, the happier the government bureaucrats are. See, they start with words that have actual meanings: “Child Welfare Endangerment.” That sounds scary, right? There’s no way anyone could be opposed to stopping such a horrible thing, right? Then they just take the next step and re-define “Child Welfare Endangerment” to be anything they don’t like: for example Homeschooling. No, not here in America (not yet), but in Germany.

Now you may not know much about Germany, but you have to realize — they’re even less free than America (if you can imagine). They have issued fines of thousands of dollars for people who DARE to homeschool. They have found cities have failed their duties — by “permitting” homeschoolers to move out of the country. They have deported missionaries that refused to send their children to state schools. And they have locked kids up in psychiatric wards for desiring to be home schooled.

This is all done by the government. Why? Because the government in Germany has decided that they have a vested interest in brainwashing “countering the rise of parallel societies that are based on religion or motivated by different world views and in integrating minorities into the population as a whole.” In other words, you are simply not permitted to have any views in opposition to the state. Does that sound familiar? 1936, Hamburg State Court:

Custody rights shall be terminated for parents who, as fanatical Bible students, cannot rear their children in accordance with today’s State and because this endangers the mental wellbeing of the children, who are thereby prevented from participating in the national community.

And you can be sure that the left in America is watching this battle carefully — they’d love nothing more than to get every last one of those home schooled children in America back into the government schools where they could be denied learning anything but what the left wants them to know.

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Federal Egg Nog

Now I imagine most of my readers who are familiar with a kitchen know how to make that wonderful holiday concoction, Eggnog. For those who don’t understand, you might take a guess at the ingredients. Go ahead, think about it a minute, see if you can think of any one ingredient in EGGnog. I’ll wait.

Hum de dum.

Did you think of one yet? Would you be shocked if I said that something called EGGnog actually has EGGS in it? The federal government thinks that you’re not smart enough to make that guess. Seriously. They are spending your tax money to protect you from accidentally drinking eggnog without knowing it has EGGS in it. Really. The worthless bureaucrats at the FDA nearly shut down a family farm because he dared to sell Eggnog without a WARNING label that the product contains eggs. They actually claimed they wanted to

protect people with egg allergies who don’t know there’s egg in eggnog.

Yes, this is your tax dollars at work. This is the government that you have to pay such huge taxes to support. And yes, the bureaucrats saying such things actually believe they’re “just doing their job” and helping people. I think they’re miserable S.O.B.s myself.

But don’t go check your egg cartons — the ones in my fridge don’t have any warning labels that they contain eggs, either. Try and explain to me again that government serves any good purpose today.

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