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P.T. Barnum said that there’s one born every minute. Perhaps he was thinking of Toni Vernelli when he said that — or at least someone like her. You see, Ms. Vernelli honestly believes that a baby is a pollutant. Yes, the worst thing anyone can do on this planet is to have a baby — because it’s selfish and polluting — so says Ms. Vernelli. And she’s gone so far as to sterilize herself so she won’t “accidentally” pollute.

What would be interesting is to see the world that Ms. Vernelli envisions. In her version of the world, having babies would be outlawed, I imagine. After all, if babies are pollution, I’m sure she’d want everyone to be sterilized. Then everyone can have sex as often as they want without ever getting pregnant. Then in a couple generations, people would just cease to exist. Then there’d be no more pollution on the planet.

Now there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to have children. But to imply a baby is pollution borders on insanity. Then again, one commenter on the news site says:

I really think it’s great – less nuts about to breed and spread their lunacy to children.


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Recycling is Evil

Can I just say one thing? Hahahahaha!

Sorry, but these radical environmentalists just get what they deserve. After passing regulations and spending my money to force people to recycle (or get throw in jail), now they’re complaining that recycling is evil because other countries aren’t doing what the environmentalists tell them to. But you really have to love this line:

While there are no precise figures, activists estimate that

Translation: “Activists” have no idea about what numbers are, and they don’t have any facts, so they’re calling their made-up figures and “estimate” that’s designed to scare you.

And how about this one:

The problem could get worse. Most of the 2 million tons of old electronics discarded annually by Americans goes to U.S. landfills, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data. But a growing number of states are banning such waste from landfills, which could drive more waste into the recycling stream and fuel exports, activists say.

So we cannot throw things away, because that’s bad. And we can’t recycle them because that’s bad, too. Well, there’s only one solution: we just have to stop producing things.

Sadly, the goal of the environmental activists is very clear. They want one world government — and they want it to be a communist government. And they want this one world government to tell everyone what they may produce and what they may not produce — to “save the planet.” Don’t believe me? Check out this quote:

“What we need to do is work internationally to upgrade the standards (for recycling) wherever it takes place

In other words, “we” have to make international laws that tell people what they can do. Yes, these people are evil. No, these people do not care one bit about anyone’s rights — well, except their own, because they believe they have the right to force you to do ANYTHING they want because they’re more important and smarter than you. Welcome to today’s society where you, the working person, is too stupid to do anything right. But hey, making electronics more expensive so less people can use them IS a primary goal of today’s environmentalist.

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