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It appears that the City of Philadelphia, site of lots of violence and unrest, is going forward with plans to remove one of the very few organizations that has been teaching children how to avoid violence and unrest for almost 80 years — because the city hates them. Apparently the city is actively working to increase violence there. Nice job, Philadelphia.

But as long as there’s openly gay members of the city council who actively despise and hate people who do not approve of them and their sexual acts, even with young boys under age 12, the Boy Scouts are apparently not welcome. So, if you’re considering living in, moving to, or even just visiting Philadelphia, realize that you are welcome if you actively participate in sex with young boys, but you are not welcome there if you think that’s wrong. And they wonder why there’s so much violence in Philadelphia. Maybe it’s because so many city council members are so full of hate.


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Duke Power Wants Cash

And so they’re asking government to raise rates so they can have more money. And knowing government, they will probably allow it. Oh sure, Duke Power is claiming they want the money to “research alternative energy sources.” Apparently no one is doing that now. And apparently no one will do it without being forced to by government, either. I wonder how electricity was discovered. I guess it was a government program because apparently, according to Duke Power, no one will do anything unless government tells them to.

Hey Mr. Rogers (CEO of Duke Power), how about we let people have some freedom instead? How about you take some of your millions of dollars that you are already earning and use that to do some research? How about you allow someone else with money to do research and COMPETE with you? Oh, you wouldn’t like that, would you, because that might take some government cash out of your pocket, wouldn’t it?

Freedom works, every single time it’s tried. A move like this is nothing more than more communism, literally — it’s the state regulating not only the means of production, but also all research into new means of production so they can regulate that, too. It’s wrong and clearly anti-freedom — gee, just like everything else government does today.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom!

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Recently the North Carolina Community College System, under direction of Democrat Governor Mike Easley, decided that they were going to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. Keep in mind this means that taxpayer cash (not paid by the illegals) will be given to illegal aliens for education. We are literally rewarding them for breaking the law with actual cash. Other US citizens are not given this cash, just illegals. So you if you want to attend college in North Carolina and get discounted rates, just claim you’re breaking the law and you get free cash.

Meanwhile, Fred Smith, who is running for governor of North Carolina, had a few words about this practice:

We are a nation that is sustained under the rule of law. Without these laws, our freedom and order is compromised. Our citizens can’t just pick and choose which laws they will obey. The directive issued by the North Carolina Community College System to mandate all community colleges across our state admit illegal immigrants as students simply ignores our immigration laws. If we ignore these laws, what other laws should we consider as unnecessary to obey?

How can a state government organization take the position that some laws just don’t count? If we disagree with the laws, then we work to get them changed. We don’t simply ignore them. The legislature should act quickly, setting politics aside, and address this important issue. I believe in sharing our freedom and opportunities with those who desire to come to the United States, but I believe those who come should respect our laws and make the effort to come to our country legally. We can’t continue to ignore our laws by providing new incentives to come to North Carolina illegally.

I call upon Governor Easley, Lt. Governor Purdue, and Attorney General Roy Cooper to recognize the importance of this action by the Community College System and the message that is being sent by simply ignoring the federal laws and fact these individuals are in our state illegally. They should take appropriate action including the call of a special session of the General Assembly if necessary to rectify this improper decision.

Learn more about Senator Fred Smith at http://www.joinfred.com

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