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Versus Terrorists

So, who is the best current presidential candidate in terms of stopping terrorism and terrorists? I know Rudy is often named as being supported because of his “experience” in dealing with them for some reason. I know some people who support Rudy simply because of his leadership as related to this issue. But who is really the best for you, if your issue is stopping terrorists and stopping terrorism against the United States?

Do you know what the Number 1 tool is that terrorists use to recruit more terrorists? Surprisingly enough, it’s not just religion. That only goes so far. Instead, there is one tool that terrorists use far more than any other. And there’s just one presidential candidate that actually is working to completely REMOVE that tool from the terrorists’ arsenal of recruiting tools. So what do you think? Can you support a candidate for president that will do the most possible effect thing to reduce terrorism against the US?

That number 1 tool of terrorists is foreign occupation (according to CIA analysts). And the candidate that wants to remove that tool is Ron Paul. Seriously, he will reduce terrorism more than any other candidate. Go here and read more details about this situation. And keep in mind — Ron Paul has more donations from active duty military members than any other candidate.


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Hey look, yet another straw poll that Ron Paul wins. Oh wait — he didn’t win this one because the GOP establishment decided to cancel the straw poll — when they saw all the Ron Paul Supporters. I’m thinking these national polls are really, really getting this one wrong. I could be incorrect — obviously there’s a lot of Republican Party “Leadership” that clearly does not like Ron Paul. They’re obviously actively hostile to him. I just don’t know how many votes these “leadership” elements represent vs. the mass of people who keep showing up all over the country in support of Ron Paul.

From the video author:

I paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then held a raffle, while all the “cheap” voters waited in the lobby. When they finally let them in, the room was flooded with Ron Paul supporters and the organizer notified us the poll was cancelled. I started the video after the initial announcement and pandemonium broke out. The sudden cancellation and an attempt to change the rules, understandably, upset quite a few people.

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Vote for Change

So there’s a lot of people supporting lots of candidates for president. More than a few people are already sick of the campaigning — and even more haven’t even starting thinking about selecting one. Here in North Carolina, primaries are so late in the year that the presidential primary vote very seldom matters to anyone. But if you’re interested, no matter your party, think about what the different presidential candidates will do. Picture what America would be like in, say, 2010 or 2011 as compared to now…

President Giuliani: Guns might be restricted a little more. Amnesty will be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending will increase. Taxes may increase. If Democrats control Congress, I’m thinking there would be almost no difference between Giuliani and Bush.

President Romney: Not buying health insurance might be illegal. Amnesty is likely. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending will increase. Taxes may increase. If Democrats control Congress, I don’t see a difference between now and then.

President McCain: Freedom of speech may be limited more. Amnesty will be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan may have more troops. Government spending will increase. Taxes may increase. If Democrats control Congress, yes, about the same.

President Huckabee: Education spending will increase. Amnesty is likely. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending will increase massively. Taxes will be raised — a lot. If Democrats control Congress, much more of the same, but with even more spending.

President Thompson: There will be more laughs in news conferences. Amnesty may be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending is likely to increase. Taxes may increase. If Democrats Control Congress, what’s the difference?

President Hunter: A fence might get built on the southern border. Amnesty won’t be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending may increase, but only slightly. Taxes are likely to stay where they are. If Democrats control Congress, there may be a little more fighting, but not a lot of difference from now.

President Hillary: Socialized medicine will be put in full force with dissenters being jailed. Amnesty will be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending will increase. Taxes will increase. More of the same.

President Obama: Democrats will be unhappy. Amnesty will be pushed. Iraq/Afghanistan will be about the same. Government spending will increase. Taxes will increase. More and more of the same.

Do you see a pattern here? Do you see why so many people aren’t “excited” about this election process? Nearly every candidate is simply more of the same with a few tiny differences. Seriously. These candidate will all just continue doing everything that’s going on now with just a few adjustments. According to polls (I know), most people are tired of more of the same. How about some real change?

President Ron Paul: The US will get out of the U.N. America won’t intervene militarily in other countries that don’t want us there. The IRS will go away. The federal department of Education will disappear! America will be a sovereign nation again. Social Security will be fixed. We will have secure borders and property rights. Government spending will decrease drastically. Taxes will be slashed. Americans will have freedom from government once again.

The more I find out about Ron Paul, the more excited I get. Join the Ron Paul Revolution now. Don’t listen to the people who claim he’s just wacko, they’re simply wrong — either that or they just think freedom is “wacko.” Vote for real change. Vote for Ron Paul.

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So, did you see the results of the recent Florida Republican Straw Poll? Romney apparently bought his win. Oh, and the machines. Check out the report and video here. It’s just astounding. Republican Party chairmen allegedly threatening Ron Paul supporters with BODILY HARM if they reveal the corruption. What corruption? How about Romney supporters voting hundreds of times and Paul supporters voting once. How about election machines where you pick Ron Paul but the confirmation page says “Mitt Romney?” Indeed, politics is filthy and perhaps this is the only way Romney can beat Paul — but this is just disgusting.

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Ron Paul Wins Again

Folks, a couple more victories for Ron Paul:

First, in two months of the fourth quarter, he raised over $10.3 million. This is more than the other Republican candidates raised in three months of the third quarter. And keep in mind — this was done without fancy dinners, invitation-only events, or big donor-hosted gatherings. This was just individuals who support him. The average amount donated is still around $100. This really is more support than the “top tier” candidates.

In addition, Paul won yet another Straw Poll, this time in Virginia. Ron Paul has come in FIRST place in eight of the last nine straw polls. Say what you want, this guy really is getting a LOT of support. He simply has won more straw polls than any other Republican candidate.

So why isn’t he winning the national polls? He’s not winning for the same reason that Hillary Clinton isn’t winning the Republican polls: he’s not included! Most of the “big” national polls, like Real Clear Politics, and even “GOP Straw Polls” just aren’t asking if people support him. In addition, he is attracting support from previous non-voters and non-Republicans who will vote for him. None of those people show up. Folks, Ron Paul really could win.

And take a peek at this report from the Florida straw poll (and look at all those Ron Paul signs):

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I’m sure by now you realize that there’s almost no difference between Hillary and Rudy. In fact, in one debate, Rudy was asked the direct question: what’s the difference between you and Hillary? Rudy did not give one single example (instead saying, “Oh, there’s lots of differences). Now it appears that John Edwards and Mitt Romney are alike in at least one area: they both want to force you to buy health insurance, or they will jail you.

Edwards just announced his details, while Romney has supported that in Mass, who has recently started forcing people to buy insurance. Anyone who seriously believes that the power of government should be used to FORCE people to buy insurance, or will literally jail them for refusing to is a serious danger to freedom.

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Hillary’s Position

This is quite accurate — no matter the issue under discussion. At least she’s consistent.

Hillary’s Position

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