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Well look what I found. An old blog of mine that’s still around. Weird. I wonder if I should post here.

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Okay, this temporary home was quite nice, I must say. But I’m done with it.

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Friday Feast #171

Yes, it’s time once again for the Friday Feast. This is where you get to learn a little more about your host, Ogre, via weird and random questions from the Friday Feast blog. So, without further delay, here it is:

Appetizer: What was the last game you purchased?

Hmmm… Well, since the question didn’t specify, I guess I have to consider any game purchased. I suppose the last one that I bought was, well… know what? I can’t really remember. I guess it would have been last year, before Christmas. I don’t think I’ve bought any this year. Maybe it was a Settlers of Catan expansion pack. That’s a fun game. You need more than two people, but when you get 4-6, it’s really a blast.

Soup: Name something in which you don’t believe.

Now I really try and keep politics out of the Friday afternoons. This is a time for fun. But I have to admit, my first thought when reading this question was political. My first thought was that I don’t believe Democrats have good intentions. But in keeping with the spirit of leaving politics out of the Friday afternoons, I won’t answer that way. Instead, I’ll go with the deep, philosophical thoughts: I don’t believe that man is good.

Salad: If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick?

Why would I want to torture myself? Most celebrities are good at one thing: being a celebrity. I can’t imagine how screwed up things would be if most of those media whores were actually in charge of, well, anything. I guess I’d have to pick some comedian — that way at least while things were really messed up, we’d all be laughing all the time.

Main Course: What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?

That “easy” payments aren’t really all that easy.

Dessert: Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.

Anywhere without any whiners. Really.

So there you have it! Feel free to join in on your own blog, or even right here in the comments! Oh, and if you’re in a reading mood, here’s a few others who have joined in this week:
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Hootin’ Anni

Versus Terrorists

So, who is the best current presidential candidate in terms of stopping terrorism and terrorists? I know Rudy is often named as being supported because of his “experience” in dealing with them for some reason. I know some people who support Rudy simply because of his leadership as related to this issue. But who is really the best for you, if your issue is stopping terrorists and stopping terrorism against the United States?

Do you know what the Number 1 tool is that terrorists use to recruit more terrorists? Surprisingly enough, it’s not just religion. That only goes so far. Instead, there is one tool that terrorists use far more than any other. And there’s just one presidential candidate that actually is working to completely REMOVE that tool from the terrorists’ arsenal of recruiting tools. So what do you think? Can you support a candidate for president that will do the most possible effect thing to reduce terrorism against the US?

That number 1 tool of terrorists is foreign occupation (according to CIA analysts). And the candidate that wants to remove that tool is Ron Paul. Seriously, he will reduce terrorism more than any other candidate. Go here and read more details about this situation. And keep in mind — Ron Paul has more donations from active duty military members than any other candidate.

Mall Shooter: Why?

So that’s the big question on everyone’s mind. After the news headlines flashed about the number dead, all the top headlines are all asking, “Why?” There’s discussion about all sorts of reasons. I humbly submit that the answer is really very, very simple. First, a word about the weapon of choice.

“Assault” Weapons

This really is beating a dead horse, but the media continues to mis-use words, so I feel the need to point out their bias. If you blame the weapon, you’re either ignorant or intentionally misleading. The left and the media here continue to show their bias, no, their hatred for guns. They honestly desire for no individual to ever own a firearm. They hate them. I think that it’s for one of two reasons — either they believe in a fantasy world where if private citizens didn’t own firearms that no one would ever die; or they believe that only government should have absolute power over people. Either way, it’s intentional.

There’s no such thing as an “assault” weapon. It’s not possible. The word “assault” is a verb. If the gun used in this attack were actually an “assault” weapon, then the guy who was involved in the shooting is a hero — because he must have been trying to STOP this evil weapon from assaulting more people. And to illustrate the bias, if the press were consistent, then anything that causes death would be referred to as an “assault” weapon. But how often do you read about “assault knives?” The media should be reporting about the “assault” wave that killed that surfer. There should be reports about the “assault” concrete that fell on those folks. But no, “assault” is reserved for things that the media hates — guns.

So don’t blame the gun, that’s stupid. Don’t blame “access” to guns — it’s harder now than ever in history to get a gun. Don’t blame the number of guns — there’s FEWER guns in public than ever before. I think it’s much more simple than that, and it has nothing to do with guns at all.

Today’s Society

So where are we today? What is it like growing up in America today? First, the government is involved in absolutely everything. And I mean that literally. There is absolutely nothing you can do today without asking government permission or paying government. Go ahead and try and think of something — I bet you can’t. So government is involved in literally every facet of life. Therefore, as children grow up today, most are heavily influenced by that very government. It was not always this way. Just 40 or 50 years ago, this was not the case.

So what does government and the public education system do today? Well, their main focus is “Accepting.” Everyone is taught and told to accept everything else. In fact, if you think that 2+2 = 5, you’re not wrong. You’re just thinking differently. You’re not ridiculed. You’re not even to be told that you’re wrong — that might damage your self-esteem. And you might be offended. In fact, you’re supposed to be offended. You’re supposed to be offended any time you disagree with anything (unless you’re a white, Christian, male, of course). But at the same time, you’re taught to have “tolerance” for any and all ideas that are not traditional or Christian.

That’s quite different than things used to be. You see, 50 or 60 years ago, government was not in everything. People were allowed to have points of view and were not sued or arrested for having those points of view. And, as a matter of fact, the vast majority of Americans were in agreement about basic ideas — and those were Christian ideas, whether you like it or not. Children were taught those ideas by their parents and other adults — and government was not used as a hammer to force them NOT to believe those ideas. I’m not saying that government was used to promote religion, just that government wasn’t used in opposition to religion as it is today.

Guns were more common and no one really cared if you were “offended.” But at the same time, Christian values were not “offensive” to government and the public. They were accepted as good. People actually believed that there was a power higher than government. Today that is not the case. Today, in America, government is the highest power that exists. Don’t believe me? Talk to any government employee (and there’s lots to choose from, unfortunately).

How many times do you hear, “I’m just doing my job?” In ancient days (50 years ago), there was right and wrong. People understood and accepted that there was an absolute truth — and it had nothing to do with government. But today, with a pervasive government, that’s no longer the case. Ask any government employee, and they will tell you why they do things: “Because it’s my job.” If you ask further, you might even hear, “I could get fired if I don’t do that.” There is no judgment. There is no consideration whether they should be doing anything — they’re told to do it, so they do it. They obey government, the highest power on the planet. They do only what government tells them to, no matter what.

So, why?

So how does that relate to this shooting? I submit that perhaps the reason this person shot those people is very simple. Perhaps he had never been told not to. Seriously. In today’s society, with government as the highest power, people are conditioned to do what they’re told. They’re taught to not do anything else. They’re taught not to think and judge, but to obey. And in the education system, children are taught to be accepting of anything — especially anything that’s “different” or “non-traditional.” And if you tell someone they’re wrong, that’s bad.

So I would seriously suggest that in today’s society, children are not taught that there’s right and wrong. No one told this kid that it would be wrong to kill other people. He did it because he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He believed that he wouldn’t have to answer to anyone for his actions — he never had to before in his life. Or if he believed that it was wrong, all that would happen if he got caught is that he might go to jail for a little while. That’s it. Of course, in reality, he’s burning in hell right now. But you can’t tell people that, because they might be offended.

So who is Martin Lancaster? He’s the about-to-retire president of the North Carolina state community college system (a highly paid bureaucrat government employee). And he openly supports lawbreaking and directs his employees to ignore the laws that he doesn’t happen to like. Did I mention he’s a government employee?

At issue is the recent change by the North Carolina bureaucracy that has decided that they want to give taxpayer cash to active criminals — illegal aliens. Fred Smith, Republican candidate for governor, has asked the state attorney general to investigate whether the community college system is breaking the law. I’m not really sure why they need an investigation — Mr. Lancaster openly admits he’s breaking the law and he doesn’t care.

I’d like to see a few more INS agents hanging around the community colleges at registration time. It’s completely and totally wrong to give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, period. Their “contribution” to society does not matter at all. They’re openly breaking the law and getting rewarded for it with cash that American citizens earn. That’s plain wrong. And Mr. Lancaster should be arrested for aiding and abetting criminal activity — but since he’s part of the government and the education system, he’s quite literally above the law.